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A selection of other directorial collaborations with YouTuber Davey Wavey, among others—attempts to build a freer world, often hamstrung by conservative imaginations, pernicious blind spots, and commerce-driven praxes: the various priorities and deferences of the self-congratulatorily radical under the awnings of imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Concept descriptions from the authors listed below. 
Farm Hand. “When working on the farm, everyone could use an extra hand. Or, in this case, an arm. Many men were introduced to the raunchier side of sex through porn. Each film often strives to outdo the ones before it, sending a very skewed and unrealistic message. Bigger. Faster. Deeper. The intention in "Farm Hand" is to present fisting in a way that highlights intimacy and sensuality.” (Video concept by Paul Johnston)
Dog Days. “The bottom is often objectified in BDSM. The Top takes control over the sub and owns him. The sub is happy giving control to the Top and being owned. Perhaps the sub is treated as an animal. Something to be caged or played with. It's the dog days of summer and Bama and Darian are having a lazy afternoon of cuddling, connection and discovery. And they find a new kink to explore with a pup mask. ” (Video concept by Paul Johnston)
Rough Fuck. “BDSM is a power dynamic. By definition, the dominant exercises control over someone who submits to it; by definition, submission is the process where one gives themselves over to another. As the experience plays out, the bottom surrenders more fully and strives to please his dom. Just as the dom derives pleasure from what he does to the sub, the sub takes pleasure from serving the Top.” (Video concept by Paul Johnston)
The Surrender. “When most think about BDSM, they think of static roles: a Top who dictates everything and a bottom who does exactly what he’s told. It’s a bit more complex. There’s a subtle difference between being in control and being the one who’s driving the action. Power is like a tennis ball that gets swatted over the net. Sometimes it’s in the Top’s court and sometimes it’s in the bottom’s. The longer the volley between the two, the more exciting the game. Exchanging power back and forth keeps things interesting.” (Video concept by Paul Johnston)
Masturbation Manifestation. “What do you really want? It’s a powerful question. Arck and Russell are sex magicians. Whether they’re jacking off alone or getting together with a buddy for hot jack-off fun, they’ve gotten really good at turning their jack-off pleasure into a source of energy that they can use to create anything their heart desires. Today’s a special occasion, when we get to watch how two sex magicians show each other—and all of us—how to jack your dick like you fucking mean it!” (Video concept by Brad Amberheart)
Wet Dream. “What do you really care about? What really matters to you? This video—part of our Sexual Activism series—sets a hot, kinky example of how two or more men’s sex can—and does—have an effect on other people, places, and situations. We asked Connor, a young man from whose favorite fetishes are J-Lube and wrestling this question: What impact would you like for this scene to have on the world or other men? Watch how Connor and his fuckbuddy find every way they could to excite the living fuck out of each other, all in the name of sending love and support to men who are recovering from addictions.” (Video concept by Brad Amberheart)------
Loved Him. “We have come a long way as a culture of gay men, who lost so many members of our community between 1982 and the present day. Some say that when we’ve learned what we needed to learn from a trauma or challenge, it passes; whatever we didn’t fully learn or integrate comes up again in the form of a new challenge. What have we learned as a culture of gay men who witnessed the loss of so many friends? What have we learned… and what do we still have left to learn now? Tantra, ultimately, is a marriage of opposites. The video you’re about to see stands as hard evidence that we’re not done grieving, yet it also stands as a perhaps unprecedented testimony to the reality that even the deepest well of grief—when properly acknowledged and embraced—can become a wellspring for joyful, ecstatic sexual fun and deep, soulful erotic connection.” (Video concept by Brad Amberheart)

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