⇝~~~~¡~ This Is A Pornographic Film—or,goodbyetoArt ~¡~~✈~~

An eleven-minute celebration of masturbation. A short that began from a place of pure instinct. A camera, a messaging app, and a shame that needed expulsion. A video diary entry: the gaze of a dark-skinned dreamer on caucasian-passing men, invited over to an apartment for some mutual play 💦 (2022, single-channel digital video, 11 min)


installation at nyc’s museum of sex as part of f*ck art and porno chic exhibits; additional screenings at maysles documentary center (prismatic ground), roxy cinema tribeca, and film noir cinema

f i l m s:
❶ sweet pie ❷ tiapf—ogta
i n s t a l l a t i o n s:
❸ f*ck art ❹ cinesymposia ❺ ace of shade 
p o r n   a n d   w r i t i n g s:
❻ summer of love ❼ etcetera. ❽ criticism