¨⋆⋰¨⋆⋰⋆¨¨ summer of love ¨⋆⋰⋆¨¨⋆⋰¨

An attempt to create a sacred space for people of color—especially of my color—and their desire. An attempt to create a place for the melanated to come together and heal. An attempt to reshape a vicious medium from the inside—to use a porn studio to combat the natures of sex and work under racial capitalism: the comforting, comfortable consumption of black bodies by the white and the monied; the easeful assumption of sexually-charged goods, seemingly longing for nothing but their own exploitation. An attempt to make a work that indicts the viewer—and that compromises the safety of their pornographic gaze. An attempt to undo a business model at its very foundations, recast—instead—to appeal to the site’s subscribers.

Project description, as reworked by Himeros: “Hookups get a bad rap as disposable sex. In reality, hookups can be a powerful tool for pleasure, connection, healing and/or just plain old fun. ‘Summer of Love’ is a celebration of hookups at a unique moment in time, when people - long separated by a global pandemic - are starting to reconnect and explore erotic activities that were curtailed for more than a year. There is pent up demand for love, sex, pleasure and touch - and this series sets out to capture it authentically. In ‘Summer of Love’, we will see three real hookups with real New Yorkers in their real homes.” (2021)


commissioned by himeros.tv

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